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CHOICE MAGAZINE - A comparison of electric bicycles in Australia
It's official! we've entered CHOICE magazine as Australia's best electric bicycle conversion kit supplier!

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POPULAR SCIENCE - An Endless Cycle

Many thanks to Danika Wilkinson from Australia's "POPULAR SCIENCE" magazine for her write up on our electrified bicycles.

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RIDE ON MAGAZINE - A review of electric bicycles and conversion kits
Ride on magazine reviewed a bunch of electric bicycles and conversion kits. Ours came out on top in the conversion kit department. Click here.
POST - Bike means power for THE BIG ISSUE
We donated an electric bicycle to the Perth branch of THE BIG ISSUE to help their staff getting around town to aid their vendors. The Big Issue is a fantastic organisation that helps the homeless, the unemployed and a variety of other people suffering from other social problems. They connect with the public largely by selling their magazine through street vendors. Kerry Faulkner from the POST kindly produced an article for both of use regarding this. Click here.
POST - Plug in and pedal off
Cottesloe Cycles and Solar Bike team up to produce the first solar powered electric bicycle charging station in Australia. Click here to read story.
POST - Solar Bike maker has win over neighbours
Sweet Victory! Read here.
POST - Solar bikes blocked
There are numerous obstacles when starting up a business. Petulant neighbours can sometimes be one of them. Click here.
WESTERN SUBURBS WEEKLY - Battery bike may be disconnected
THE WEST AUSTRALIAN - Cycling made easy with electric bike

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POST - Riding on a sunbeam

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