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Our Electric Trikes are made by taking Gomier Tricycles and then adding our electric conversion kit. We use the mini-motor with Panasonic tube battery and the final product doesn't even look electric. This combination really provides a very nice light weight robust tricycle. The tricycles are available with either 20 inch wheels or 24 inch wheels and 6 gears. The 20" one is our favourite because everything is very light and compact. It is very versatile and suitable for small people all the way up to about 6 foot tall and 100kg. If over this height or weight then you should consider the 24" wheel trike. There is even a 24" industrial model for very heavy people or if carrying great weights (single speed). The little mini-motor is located in the front hub and the battery is best located underneath the basket. It very much resembles a regular trike and people won't even notice it's electric. It really is a step above production line electric trikes in regard to style, weight and performance. It will reach a top speed of around 20-25km/h and has a range of about 20-30km with light pedalling.

Assembly of these tricycles is quite complicated and takes about 3-4 hours so we only offer the fully assembled electric model. It is available for pickup or delivery in the following cities:

Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Townsville.

Electric Gomier Trike
To order with credit card or PayPal account, please follow the "Buy Now" button below. Alternatively, send order details, name and phone number to and we'll send you an invoice that can be paid for by bank transfer. We need to order all components and arrange assembly, so please expect the trike to be ready in approximately 2 weeks following payment. We will inform you once ready for pick up in the cities above.
Electric Tricycles $1950
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