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Our conversion kits can be assembled on most adult bicycles. We have installed a lot of conversion kits and the best bicycles we have found so far are typically ones in the price range of $350 - $800 from from "APOLLO" and "GIANT", our fixie/single speed is also excellent. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read some more information we have on selecting a good bike to install an electric kit on. The most important point is to have suitable forks. The 3 key rules are: Steel is best, carbon fibre can't be used and if your bicycle has suspension forks then only use the 200W mini-motor. Always install the torque bar.

solar bike fixi
Our favourite bike to electrify of course is one we have designed ourselves and suits a specialised electric kit (read the fixie design story here and see more pictures of it and its components). This is a fixed wheel bicycle, it is a great looking bike and can be purchased and used with or without an electric kit. It has a medium/large frame with a flip-flop rear wheel - single fixed gear one side and a free wheel sprocket on the other side. The design is completely our own and has a reinforced frame and forks to suit the electric kit. The bike comes with both a flat bar and a retro set of handelbars, quality chain and sprockets, promax brakes, wide flange checker rims, velo seat and handle grips. This bicycle is very streamlined, funky and fast. With the electric kit all the deficits of a single gear are taken care of and this becomes a super commuting machine. It is extremely fast on flat ground and able to hill climb exceedingly well with electric assistance. This fixie can be purchased online through us or from the Cottesloe Cycles shop. The bicycle sells for $650 and delivery Australia wide is an additional $120. The matching electric fixie kit can be purchased for $1050, it employs a light weight high power density battery designed into the shape of a water bottle (see the fixi kit).
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"Giant" have some good mid to high end bikes that we've converted nicely. These are the Cross City 3 & 4 (flat bar road bike) and the Cypress 4 (men's and lady's hybrid). Bear in mind that only the Cross City models are able to use the water bottle style battery. Please view the specifications of these models by going to Giant's website. Most bicycle shops around Australia will stock these models and it's likely if you ask they will also install a conversion kit for you for a small price.
Giant bikes
Apollo Fiamme
apollo fiamme
If you are looking for a geared bicycle that is ideally suited to the electric conversion kits then we strongly recommend you taking a look at the FIAMME 700c commuter. This is manufactured by the reputable Australian company Apollo and is on the high-end of the spectrum of bicycles worthy of electrifying. It has an excellent design and uses a high quality 24 speed Shimano gear system. For full specifications please visit the Apollo site by clicking here. This bicycle retails in many Australian bike shops for approximately $500. If you live in Perth and want to purchase this bicycle fully electrified then please contact Cottesloe Cycles. Cottesloe cycles are also able to professionally install the kit for you ($120).

Any bicycle in the price range of approximately $350 - $700 is usually suitable for conversion. In general, you should aim for a good quality bicycle that is neither too cheap or expensive. Cheap bicycles will break down with the extra weight and strain and expensive bicycles are made to be light weight so are not ideal. The most important point to consider when choosing upon the bicycle to convert is ensuring that it has a suitable set of forks. The wheel nuts are slightly bigger than usual so there should be no abnormal shaped forks - the 200W mini-motors are more generic than the higher power motors because their wheel nuts, washers and axles are slightly smaller. Have a look at the question on the FAQ page about the torque bar and you will see a typical set of forks for which installation is very straight forward. It is highly recommended to have strong steel forks, especially when fitting a 350W or 500W kit. The high motor torque can result in the fork tips snapping off or wearing away if a soft aluminium alloy or carbon fibre forks are used. Steel or chromoly forks are best. A good test is to get a magnet and see if it sticks to your forks, the stickier the better. We've engineered some torque bars that are pieces of steel that wrap around the motor wheel axle and can be clamped to the fork itself; these prevent the motor torque wearing away at the fork gap and give you peace of mind that everything is safe. These come standard with kits and are very simple to install. The forks should be 10cm apart and have a dropout of 1cm for the axle to sit in. Sometimes a little filing of the inside of the forks is required to get the motor axle to slide in well. If filing of the forks seems necessary to fit the motor axle in your current forks then be sure to use the torque bar or it could end in tragedy. Do not file in excess of 5-10 minutes or you'll seriously weaken the forks. If this is the case then you will need to get a new set of forks from a bike shop. Aim for chromoly. Mountain bikes generally have 26 inch rims while road or hybrid bikes generally have 700c rims, ensure that you match the correct kit to the rim size of the bike - this should be written on the side of your tyre.

When using your electric bicycle you should ride with extra care, both towards the traffic and to your bicycle. You will be adding approximately 6-10 kg to the bicycle with the motor and battery combination so you have to be careful not to jump off gutters too quickly and slow down when riding over rough terrain. Traffic is always a problem but in a way you will be safer because you will not be dangerously overtaken nearly as often. However, you will also be riding at a reasonably faster average speed and cars do not expect this. Approach round-abouts with extra caution.